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On this full moon

Dance to god
Not the one created by slayers of words
Not the one to be feared by the world ...
The one to be loved

Do not fear god
Love god

Define the relationship
It might shape reality.

The child in yourself

الفتاوي على أفا مين يشيل
But why get stuck there,
good things are said elsewhere:

إذ استعصى عليك أمر فاستشر طفلك" العقاد"
In plain English:
If something gives you hardship, (there's something you cannot resolve,) consult your child.
It takes longer in English.
In short- "When in doubt, ask your kid."
Translation is never exact,
Somethings lost - something gained.

سكن الليل:
sakan al-layl
The night has set
The night has made a house for itself
The night comes and with it the sakina
The night is silent ...

If Arabs did anything right, it's the language!

Silence 1

August 2010 - on the roof:

A grass sprouts out from the soil, in a plastic pot. Is it spinach or lettuce? Is it the flowers?
On the roof: A summer night, a crowded city - a cab honks a door slams a fire cracker explodes
A wedding in one of the houses a child screams -or is she just playing?


On the roof, Tibetan bells ring, and I remember, August 2006 - on the mountain:

"Deafening is the sound of silence, for in it I hear the echo of my own voice. And what does it say but a riddle ...
It takes an emptiness to find the sound of silence. Underneath, the tulips tell stories and the birds explore the sounds they make. With their beaks, they smile to a flower growing, between the wild vine and berry. The plants grow within a day of making way for new leaf.
How sweet it is. The feeling of breathing. Deep into the core, digging between the soil, pulling out old roots and keeping some ... Some plants are impossible to get rid of-in an organic garden. Small hairs seep back, betw…