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A bridge in Skansen & a lesson from Reindeer

In his book, "Sweden: the Secret Life" Colin Moon states:
"Swedish women sometimes sound like they are have a breathing complaint, when they agree, they breathe in and say 'jahhhh' .... They are not about to pass out in an asthma attack. They are just participating in the conversation." p.32
There is some truth to this fact, but it does not always come in agreement- it seems, and
It's not only the women who do it, though it is less common for men.
Collin gives no explanation to this phenomenon
But today, I think I know its root
(a non-scientific explanation)

In Skansan
We arrive fifteen minutes before the Museum closes,
"You can't walk into the houses," says the boy in the booth, "but can stay in the park till 7.30"
I remember yesterday at Sturekatten: five minutes before closing, and look what happened when I stayed ...
I go in along with two friends.

Up a hill, we meet a couple of windmills; on the side, a labyrinth.
My friends had nev…


MillesGarden: Enchantment
Trying to restrain the body from dancing too much, the voice from singing too loudly
To avoid suspicion
Poseidon looks out.

Cats seated around a table drinking tea
An iron gate, a spiraling staircase, a hidden place .....

Akki sushi bar, no name to mark it on the street
There's only one available seat,
It's for me.

Meanwhile, a day in time
Palestine to be recognized
A satellite dissolves into pieces on impact
Syria en-suite de France,
While أنا مش كافر plays in an apartment, on the outskirts
The world economy is crumbling, as we eat chocolate dipped cookies
And in Côte d'Ivoire, children are being exploited in the cocoa industry
Everywhere in the world, those who work the land are deprived of what they grow
And most of what we buy involves people working under a level of Inhumane conditions
Just go out shopping - everything is on sale
Universal dysfunction
To produce, to consume - to dispose of, to throw away ...
Ikea is pretty, but not made to la…