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Lana Nasser

Writer and performing artist (and moderator of ArabWomanTalking.) An eco-feminist with a passion for language and mythology. Born and raised in Amman, she completed her higher education in the United States (BA Psychology; MA Consciousness and Dreams.) Her work aims to challenge taboos and stereotypes; transcend boundaries of language and culture. She is most known for her bilingual play "In the Lost and Found: حقيبه حمراء which she performed internationally and landed her a playwrights' award.

Co-founder of "Aat Network" in Jordan; she directed Aat's International Women's day Festival for the four foundational years. After which, she moved to a forest in the south of the Netherlands. Having just completed her first full-length book (English language, with a dash of Arabic. You'll hear more about it soon); she is currently writing a collection of fables (In Dutch); performing her latest show "Turaab" (a performance without words) and creating a new show: Integratie Cursus I (Dutch & Arabic.)

Lana Nasser, schrijver en podiumkunstenaar, eco-feminist, taalkunstenaar met passie voor interculturele onderwerpen en mythologie. Geboren en getogen in Jordanië, universitair opgeleid in de VS (Psychologie, Consciousness, Dromen.) Nieuwe verhalen vertellend schopt zij clichés en taboes omver, won diverse prijzen. Als vrouw zonder grenzen werkt zij van schouwburgen tot vluchtelingenkampen, is nu bezig met haar nieuwste solo (Integratie Cursus 1) en legt de laatste hand aan haar boek 'Dochter van Abraham' en een serie politiek geladen fabels.


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Lessons from a fox: On beauty

A fox family lives on our land. We became aware of them early this spring. It began with a kit standing clumsily by the door to our house. We were drinking our morning coffee and could not believe our eyes. The little thing was adorable, slightly smaller than our cats. Over the next few weeks and months, we met the rest of the family: two additional siblings and the parents. Our land is abundant with food, cherries and mice, so the foxes stayed. They must have quickly learnt that we were no threat to them, because with every day, they became more and more brave. They would see us standing at a relatively close distance, look up and continue doing what they were doing. Observing them became our daily (or rather nightly) activity. They were beautiful golden/red foxes with healthy looking fur.

One afternoon, after a storm; a new fox made an appearance on our terrain. Given his size, we could tell that it was a male. He was not of the fox family. His fur was unevenly patched with what lo…


The wind doth deceive me and your voice I hear in the tree shrubs
Possessed am I with your eyes
They pierce my womb and into earth's core
I fall to your embrace

عشقٌ وجنون

Smile to me
For you I set my eyes on fire
With the lashes of your eyes
Hide me in the wallpaper
So I can stay near you

De Paardenbloemkamer

My first dutch language publication is out!
Mijn eerste Nederlandstalige publikate.  De eerst van een serie fabels.
"De Paardenbloemkamer"
A short children's story in the book
"4321....Lees: Verdwalen in Verhalen" 
The book is the fruit of a wonderful project by the Lionsclub Venlo, aimed at encouraging children to read and write... and most importantly, to imagine.
Children from 27 schools in Venlo were asked for story ideas. 43 ideas were chosen. Those were given to writers to inspire them to make a story,  and then to artists to make an illustration.
The result, a wonderful book full of imagination. Venlo might be a little city, but it it's een stedje with big ideas.

Photo from the book launch in Domani, Venlo on 23 November, 2016 with Tristan Thijsen (our idea-maker) and Floor Kurstjens (illustrator)

De Paardenbloemkamer: is a story about dreaming, facing one's fears, and growing up.  The title means: The dandelion Room.  It's all in one word, because one can…