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When the world is falling apart: Reclaiming the Tea Party

When the world is falling apart:
Nuclear waste is polluting the air and water, when governments are still insisting on building nuclear plants in their cancer plagued war-torn countries ... when leaders are killing their people, and people are killing each other, when there is no end in sight ... when the planets are at hard angles in the sky, the wind is throwing rocks at cars, and everything seems foreboding ... when you sit puzzled, not knowing what decisions to make or un-make, "oppressed by bonds that could easily be broken" (IChing, #47), when you're taking yourself too seriously ... when you should be doing a million and two other things ... you sit and write a silly blog under a pseudonym.

Reclaiming the Tea Party
(Setting: Alice @ the Doctor's office)

It angers me that they took the name Tea Party
It's from Alice in Wonderland, and that's my favorite book. I don't want to associate it with them.
My Tea Party is a bunch of loony toons sitting around a table with cups and saucers, drinking invisible tea ...
Put this way, I guess the name might actually be appropriate....
No, Carroll's tea party cannot be stolen by these right-necks, or is it wings? BBQ?
No thanks, I don't eat chicken.
Anyway, sure the mad hatter is mad, and the mouse is equally nuts,
but at least they have a sense of humor
Of course, it could be argued that Palin has it too,
She had people cracking up in the debates, they even made a bingo game after her....
But no, Alice's bunch are at least lovable.
Besides, tea party stealing Carroll's concept is no different than the Nazis stealing the swastika.
It's no different than the Christians 'appropriating' the cross, the Muslims the crescent moon, or the Jews the star ....
They took the tale and used it for their own benefit ... they're giving it a bad name.... the thieves!

"You're blowing things out of proportion Alice, and you might get yourself in trouble. Is it that time of month again?"

Dr Alice


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