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Today's headlines: A rant

I wake up to sound of stupid tunes blasting outside my window.
It's not an ice cream van-it's much louder and it comes around more frequently.
If you've been to Jordan you know this phenomenon.
It's not a riddle, but a pick-up truck selling cylinders filled with gas.
I wonder about the driver, listening to the same tune all day.
He's probably used to it, but it must be messing up his brain.
I get out of bed, cursing.
But he's only trying to make a living.
The cost of gas keeps rising.

I drive into traffic and try to block the honking.
I stop to fill up gas
After driving off, I realize, "the guy at the pump just ripped me off."
I curse again.
He's probably underpaid.

Last night they said the temperature today will be dropping
"expected rain showers, god willing"
Today, it's hot, and the plants on the balcony are covered with dust
No water in the tank to clean them up
I don't know who to curse.

I check my email to find forwards and junk,
A message from someone who thinks I'm their secretary
And a warning of Face Book hacking ...
I teach myself script formatting, but it doesn't support Arabic text

I'm tired of cursing.
I check the BBC:

Opium production is rising in Afghanistan
New Zealand's oil spill - an environmental disaster
Occupy Wall streets spreads across America, with democrats trying to claim it.

In egypt, clashes between the Coptic Christians and the military
A minister resigns .... peace struggles to be maintained.

China urges Syria to reform, faster
Russia does the same.
Reform faster?
It's all relative at the end of the day
And what matters is public opinion.

More people are dying
but there are more pressing issues
Theorizing, featuring and analyzing.

"The country is for sale."

US supports Yemen's dictator against his people,
It backs Libya's rebels against theirs
"We need to protect our interests"
Eight years later, Iraq is still burning.

An Iranian actress faces 90 lashes.
Tunisian fanatics attack their TV station for airing Persepolis.

"We will not rest till all women are veiled!"

UK's nuclear program gets an OK
"You're as stupid as the countries you've established"
Let's nuc-the world before the fall of capitalism, before they take over
The Islamists or the ultra Orthodox Jews,
One and the same
Awaiting the Messiah, Al-Mahdi al muntathar
A man dressed as a woman, an undercover suicide bomber.

The fall is on the horizon
But it's not the apocalypse
It's a new era .... and it will be beautiful
If only we survive it
But regardless
The moon will continue to wax and wane,
and the sun will shine just the same.



Anonymous said…
Hey there. Really enjoy reading you, Lana. Keep posting your blog on FB, please.

Hope all is well. Kisses from Cahirah! Gert
Simcha said…
Lana, that was amazing. So are you. Love, Your Fan in Oakland, Jason. Tu me manques.

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