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Doing things for other things and other people - including earthly aspects of self
40 degree heat and traffic, a hot dry breeze ...
Otherwise, life is good, very good as a matter of fact ....
"So why are you so uptight -
بصلتك محروقة

light bulb!
"And the last time you danced was .... when?"
Oh my!
The sacrilege,
Prohibiting the body from flying,
for such a long time,
you can't even remember the last time
ok, so we're exaggerating, it's cultural 
Too long,
that's more like it
stealing some freedom in uptight settings
in clothes that bind
Inhale and open eyes to
You see
New horizon
When you dance and whirl
السما بتفتح بطريقة تانيه

I dance, to track two concerto for two pianos .... 
and am brought back to my body. 
 Zina Asfour and ze composers
Thank you for making beautiful music with a breathing soul
that moves me.


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The wind doth deceive me and your voice I hear in the tree shrubs Possessed am I with your eyes They pierce my womb and into earth's core I fall to your embrace عشقٌ وجنون Smile to me For you I set my eyes on fire With the lashes of your eyes Hide me in the wallpaper So I can stay near you Unseen

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The lessons that mother nature tells us are boundless. Endless. In the most simple ways, she gives us clues to living. In a storm, you don't have to worry about trees that move with the wind like the pine, it's the ones that are completely solid that could fall. Moving with the wind verses being stiff: Adapting, going with, accepting, letting go, empathising, accommodating, flexible. These trees stay rooted. You know the feeling - of trying to stay standing against all odds until you fall on your face. Literally in my case: When I was a little girl, I had the habit of falling unconscious. When I went with it, my body would collapse gently onto the floor. When I'd try to resist, I'd fall flat like a board and scar my face. The fainting was sometimes caused by sunstroke, or the burning lights of the TV studio. I do not take well to heat, in spite of my middle eastern blood. I sometimes brought fainting onto myself - without intent. I was a bit of a  shayt

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