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A milestone rant : 9/11 - 11/9

The US Presidential Elections
From Social media back to ranting in a blog - editing disabled.


Writing is therapeutic, when it's a rant and half-nonsense then better not write or print it... a waste of paper and a waste of ink.  As for the internet... it is the vuilnesbak of everything ... sometimes a composting bin... so pour it in there.  Makes no difference.

There was a time when I wrote my poems and important things on this blog ... it also served as an external hardrive at times...  I might still do that ... but for today, after more than three years of not saying a word, it's just a rant.


Today, between Schiphol en Limurg, a long ride.  I indulged like never before in FaceBook.
The time flew.
Some said: "11/9 is the new 9/11"... two cursed dates (practically identical when looking at how Americans write numbers and how the rest of the world does it.)

When the towers fell, I was fresh off the boat in New York city.
I received the prints of my headshots the day prior.  I wanted to be the next Bette Midler.  Too bad  I have the wrong last name
The role of the mourning sister of the martyr, the oppressed woman, the terrorist... type casting and blatant racists comments.

When the towers fell, I watched the news intensively for a whole week and decided to henceforth boycott the news ... any political news whatsoever.  Everything was a lie.
I moved to California where I lived alone, did not have a TV, and internet was not so big then - for people of my generation.  It was a fine time.

Out of university I got a part time job at a progressive TV station to translate news from Arabic to English. Massacres and misery at every corner - with the occasional good news about a cultural event... too few in between.
Mostly it was war, death, kids disfigured by bombs.
The first week I was a reck, crying between the clicks on the keyboard.
After two years, it became a bit normal, then the Gaza war erupted.  I quit soon after and wrote a play inspired by those two years, meanwhile, I closed my ears and eyes to the news once more.

I succeeded in avoiding TV and newspapers, but fell into the trap of FaceBook.  It started out harmless, friends and their lives. The circle grew with 'friends' of friends and people I hardly knew.
What really got me hooked however was the news articles.  A link here and there to really interesting online papers ... The Guardian and Haaretz became my favourites.
The news infiltrated my psyche further when I decided to learn Dutch.  Reading the morning paper seemed smart. (We got The Volkskrant - and it is by far one of the best papers I've ever read.  Got to give it to the Dutch... or at least the progressive ones.)
However, reading the news is not a good way to start the day.
I eventually succeeded in stopping, except for looking at the comic strip "Sigmund" and at times the weather.  Photos seduced me to read, but I did my nest to say No.

As for Facebook, it was chronic... what a good way to procrastinate, and it makes one feel like it's 'useful' and productive... being heard, being read.  Feels good!
If I recall correctly, Facebook also had Dislike button in the beginning... but the dislike is not good for self esteem... it has to be a positive exprience... keep them coming.   Does not stop people from intellectually battling debating... which is indeed interesting.

But I had /have better things to do ... I'm writing a book god damnit ... how about wasting time on that.

I went on and off facebook so often, usually around performances - yes, to make an event, deactivating and activating.  The machine stopped taking me seriously.

And now something like the US elections came along and Facebook is where it's really happening...
The views of everyone and their mother, the various articles from newspapers here and there ... It's as if people are just sitting on their page writing comments... and everyone is commenting back.  A sense of community... But does it change anything in the real world?

Virtually, it's dynamic and highly entertaining... enough to make the time fly on the train.

O, I am just itching to comment.   But then I'm really hooked  again... this conversation is too good - or too bad rather.   It will keep us facebook busy for a long time.  It's bringing out all kinds of beautiful and horrible things in people.  In me.  So engaging.

Am I already at the station?

I 'check out' and walk outside.  I should not comment... I'll be back in the quicksand.  
But maybe...
I should just first write something, my two cents about the elections and the corrupt world power, and then say bye?  It should be intelligent, thoughtful, intriguing and offering spiritual solace - or plain out sarcasm.
Something like it seriously does not matter if it's Clinton or Trump, and it was never really a choice.  They are but two faces of the same machine.  Puppets.

Some say it's horror for Europe, it sends a signal to characters like Wilders in the Netherlands and his supporters.  Probably.  The two men share a hairdo, amongst other things.
Other people are worried about the stock exchange ... the market is collapsing ... so fucking what if it collapses ... let it collapse for God's sake.

What it says about the majority of the Americans - who voted - is terrifying.  But the signs have been there .... or not.

"Democracy is going to bite you in the ass" - said anonymous.
It has happened before and will continue.
Democracy brought Hamas in Gaza and it brought the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt (who quickly realised their downfall and went back to old fashioned military rule.)
Democracy is what happened to Iraq after Saddam... worth pondering.  Don't even know what's happening in Libya, it's old news.

Democracy is a failure when the voters are ignorant, and the system keeps dumbing them down.  The dumber the more manipulative and the more they will buy.

And now, some say, Democracy brought Trump to the top... or did it?  No fraud... isn't it always.
And we call it fair democracy ... with just two parties?
US presidential history: Two federalists forefathers, and about four Whigs... the rest, Democrat of Republican.
Red or blue... fire and water .. opposing forces .... no prejudice against the colors or the elements they represent... but we have to move to green... that is our next evolutionary step.. if we survive that long.

Americans want to denounce their citizenship ... costly and time consuming .. .what do you mean stop paying taxes ... can't track you down.
And is another passport is better ... isn't it all going to shits.
In the meantime, sit on your arse and follow what's happening... it's exciting isn't it.

One has to admit, Trump is just more of a TV personality.  He's Sara Palin on steroids.  Prime Time Television.   With a president like that, the whole world will be glued to their seat ... what will he say next... how outrageously wrong will it be... and can he do anything about it ....

It's been too long since something 'really' big happened.... buildings exploding, a few wars.. thankfully the environment did its part in providing news items with a few natural catastrophes... And now... months - glued to the TV, to the internet, to social media.... four years, maybe eight.

Riding my bicycle from the station back to my home, I started drafting my intelligent and provoking comment for FaceBook.  That would be the last thing I say, then I sign out.  It's better than writing a diary - who does that nowadays - and it's better than a blog that no one reads.  Or is it.  What is the difference.  Here, no one reads it, on Facebook, they might read it and react, might react without having read it.
And out of pure narcism, I would keep checking ... any comments and how many likes.
The more one is active the more that people can find one and comment, and the more one becomes active.
"It's important for you as an artist," I've been told, "a good promotion platform..."
Is it really.  How many people on FB who says they'll come to an event actually do.  I've had some people who said they'd attend that had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned it.
Look, press a button, like, love, blush, raise a finger- oops, I mean a thumbs up.

It's working, we are becoming machines.
There are better things to do...

People are afraid for their children, those of any race religion sexual orientation or gender that is not Trump-proof...
Fear .. that is what the machine wants us to have ... and how better to grow it.
Fight the fear.


Khalas.... dat was genoeg voor vanavond.


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