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Fully Vaccinated Queens

The US government had recently approved the use of a bee vaccine to combat foulbrood, The Guardian reports. They hail it as 'hope for a new weapon  against diseases that routinely ravage colonies that are relied upon for food pollination.' 

Alarm bells go out in my mind. 

I call out to all beekeepers and lovers of bees - lovers of nature... in the United States to begin with because you're the testing ground and worldwide because it coming to us too ... that's what they'll want.... the pharma industry. Please ... do not let us meddle with the perfection of the bee. How she is created and born, as well as how she dies and the diseases that strike her. 

They say a quarter of the hives had foulbrood last year and had to be burnt. That sucks, but you know what, it's also not a big deal. Last I heard, scientists were complaining about 'too many honey bees' and 'they’re not really native to America and are competing with the native and wild pollinators.' Let's assume this is true, then let the quarter of the hives die, let half die... Some will remain and they will be naturally immune. Starting a new. Let nature find the balance, she's much better at it than we are. 

The thought of the DNA - the genetic makeup - of the mother .. the thought of that being tarnished. The manufacturer says that the vaccine incorporates the bacteria that causes foulbrood (bacterium Paenibacillus) in the (humanly modified) royal jelly, which the worker bees feed to the queen.  In the perfect scenario, according to the chief executive of the manufacturer, 'the queens could be a fed a cocktail  within a queen candy, that the queen eats in transit.' Not sure what they mean with transit - perhaps upon the mechanical splitting of a hive, or during the first few days of the queen cell being formed - before it is capped. As the queen ingests the cocktail, it is deposited in her ovaries. The larvae born from her eggs would-they tell us-  have immunity as they hatch. Cocktails and queen candy... 

The freedom to 'prik' or not. Unfortunately, vaccinating one queen is eventually vaccinating the whole race. Because we cannot stop it spreading. The larvae of the queen become worker bees or drones, male bees. Those will be born with traces of the bacteria in their bodies. When a virgin queen from another hive has her bridal flight, she mates with drones from various colonies. The genetics of the drone intermingle with her own - including the disease. 

No ... please don't meddle with the perfection of the bee. I understand, if it's your livelihood you might be scared, but don't listen. Look for the CAUSE.  Solve that, address it and the bee will thrive. Get rid of the green lawn idiocy and plant things, or let it go wild ... anything is better than dead grass that requires water and mowing and which you cannot eat. Let's look at the cause ... the shit we deposit in the earth the air the water. 

There was not always foulbrood - it emerged in the USA. Let's list possible reasons for this: 

Too many interventions in the life of the bee? Too many fertilizers that poison the plants and thus the bees and thus us. Mono culture. The mass production of honey and treating bees like slaves. Imprisoning the queens, cutting their wings, stopping them from being-born and birthing - their birth right. Randomly splitting one hive into two - as if the hive does not have a wisdom in choosing which bees to swarm and which to stay. 

The executive of the company producing the vaccine boasts that breeders could advertise selling 'fully vaccinated queens.' Does this remind you of anything? OH ya... wait ... there's danger, there is fear on YOUR life. The underlined words in - those are the triggers. The words that shape our reality. That's media and propaganda and advertisement. When will we stop being  pupated by the hands of fear.  

Go back to the natural ways ... the ways of nature ... where she is not a cow to be milked but a horned beast that gifts us her milk. 

My heart pleads ... let us not meddle with the perfection of the bee. Do we know more than that which has created her? Disease sucks, but it comes for a reason and has a cause. 

Discover the reason (the lesson) find the cause - address that - and the bee will thrive, and so shall we. The reasons are right in front of our eyes. 

On the same page about the bee vaccine in the Guardian is a link to 'How fertilizers interfere with flowers electric fields.' I am yet to read that article, but I suspect at least one answer is there. Causes. 


Aside: I don't know about you, but I hear the buzzing of electricity and WIFI (EMPF). It is higher today than ten years ago ... and it's just going to keep getting louder and louder until it fades out the buzzing of the bees. May I die before seeing that day. May I die without seeing it happen ... may I die seeing the bees free as they were born to be... maybe ... maybe if we dream it, it would happen. Sometimes it's so hard to keep the faith ... they also want to dig for Lithium in Portugal - a herder looks upon the dark future .... Akh ... and let's not talk about Gaza.

I've written too much for a day ... or rather ... I've not written enough of what I need to be writing about right now ... a play for climate change theater action - deadline is Monday .... ok - go write girl ... or sleep, or breath... but end the entry of the day - for today .... this is more fun than I thought ... and I guess it's better than turning my head in anguish over the world news .... writing is therapeutic indeed... curious where this open diary will lead. 

Original title: World's 1st vaccine for honey bees. No, please no!  

To read the original article in the Guardian:



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