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Wasfi al-Tal Turns in His Grave ....

وطني ... شغلت في البعد عنه ... نازعتني نفسي إليه، فعدت، لأجده مزيناً...بالنفايات لولا غيرتي عليك يا أردن، لما بحت بشيءٍ... ولكن حبي دفعني ... فهاأنا أقول For Jordan ... My father tells me that in the late 60's, he used to take my mother for driving lessons at "Gardens street". It was called Gardens Street because it was basically a field of trees. This was before my time. (I later learn that the name of Gardens street actually came from a restaurant on the street named gardens ما علينا it was nonetheless green). Driving down the street today, you're lucky if you spot one patch of greenery. Today, the over-crowded street is lined with stone buildings and shops; a bustling commercial area with the typical frustrations of traffic violations. If you're lucky enough to be walking on your feet, you'll come across plastic bags, candy wrappers, and cigarette butts, replacing the fallen leaves of yesteryears. Thus said, it does still feel like a jungle out there, w