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Father's day and Women Driving in Saudi Arabia - a week later!

Last weekend, Saudi women got behind their wheels and drove. It was also my father's birthday, as well as father's day in general. I had just come back from Algeria and Spain with many things to say .... I was writing faster than editing, and with so much going on, I scattered my words all over the place .... So I left them. I had wanted to organize a demonstration with art-installations, showing support to Saudi women and their right for autonomy. I even wrote the announcement: where to be and what to do and why. "You'd probably need to contact Saudi women here first" a friend advised, "to not get suspicious eyebrows." She told me I'd have to start the campaign by making a logo and clarifying a statement, and putting it out. It sounded like a lot of work .... I thought for a minute: I had only 5 days to do this, and had just come back from Spain, with a play to rehearse and a book to edit and laundry to do ... weighing the options: I am artist