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Today's headlines: A rant

I wake up to sound of stupid tunes blasting outside my window. It's not an ice cream van-it's much louder and it comes around more frequently. If you've been to Jordan you know this phenomenon. It's not a riddle, but a pick-up truck selling cylinders filled with gas. I wonder about the driver, listening to the same tune all day. He's probably used to it, but it must be messing up his brain. I get out of bed, cursing. But he's only trying to make a living. The cost of gas keeps rising. I drive into traffic and try to block the honking. I stop to fill up gas After driving off, I realize, "the guy at the pump just ripped me off." I curse again. He's probably underpaid. Last night they said the temperature today will be dropping "expected rain showers, god willing" Today, it's hot, and the plants on the balcony are covered with dust No water in the tank to clean them up I don't know who to curse. I check my email to find forwards a