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A milestone rant : 9/11 - 11/9

The US Presidential Elections From Social media back to ranting in a blog - editing disabled. ::: Writing is therapeutic, when it's a rant and half-nonsense then better not write or print it... a waste of paper and a waste of ink.  As for the internet... it is the vuilnesbak of everything ... sometimes a composting bin... so pour it in there.  Makes no difference. There was a time when I wrote my poems and important things on this blog ... it also served as an external hardrive at times...  I might still do that ... but for today, after more than three years of not saying a word, it's just a rant. ::: Today, between Schiphol en Limurg, a long ride.  I indulged like never before in FaceBook. The time flew. Some said: "11/9 is the new 9/11"... two cursed dates (practically identical when looking at how Americans write numbers and how the rest of the world does it.) When the towers fell, I was fresh off the boat in New York city. I received the prints of