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Lana Nasser

Storyteller ... 
Writer, performing artist, workshop facilitator, dream-sailor, beeperson. An eco-feminist with a passion for language, mythology and Nature. Born and raised in Amman, she completed her higher education in the United States (BA Psychology; MA Consciousness and Dreams.) She is most known for her bilingual play "In the Lost and Found: حقيبه حمراء which landed her a playwrights' award and flew her to perform across the world. After that, she had several successes, but then committed a crime that made her a persona non-grata (curious?). She boarded a pirate's ship that took her to the Netherlands .... to live in a bohemian paradise of dreams... but the storm found them .... and ofcourse it would... you can't escape your destiny.
I could go on ... drawing a story on the canvas of my imagination - but I'll stop here today.

To sum it up... 
I wear many hats and have many moods. 
My creative endeavours, persona's and sub-personalities you can find linked on my website: 
They include: 
ArabWomanTalking (on soundcloud and here) 
Bint Ibrahim (soundcloud)
Maskan.Aat (Instagram ... about the bees mainly) 
The Bees and Eye (Youtube)
Then there's Lana Nasser, or Lana I Nasser (There was even once a Lana Y Nasser ... but I'll keep that one a secret- for now.) While lana is my 'writing' name and the one I was given ... I don't connect with it ...  Now to think of #Lananasser feels more like a tag name. So I'll start using it untill I find my real name ... I can handle Lana N - or L.Nasser ... or L.I.Nasser ... etc etc etc
What's in a name anyway ...


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The wind doth deceive me and your voice I hear in the tree shrubs Possessed am I with your eyes They pierce my womb and into earth's core I fall to your embrace عشقٌ وجنون Smile to me For you I set my eyes on fire With the lashes of your eyes Hide me in the wallpaper So I can stay near you Unseen

Choreography in a boiling pot

Two cinnamon sticks dance a passionate duet. A choir of mixed colour pepper corals glide back and forth and around the cinnamon’s backs. The sticks form a valley. A new stage for two cloves to meet and butt crowns. A bay leaf floats towards the stage, like a curtain closing. It rests in the cleave between the cinnamon, pinning the cloves between leaf and wood. Four slices of ginger float on the periphery, like balconies in a theater.  Who’s watching...   The heat has been turned out.  The dancers slow down, their movements becoming more pronounced.  From a steamy frenzy to a ballet to Bhutto to stillness.  A tiny clove closes the act. Emerging from the hiding place beneath a ginger, swimming towards the bay leaf – rocking the island oh so gently.  Setting everything in motion once more.   A ginger breaks out from the others and becomes a cloud, two slices turn towards her like wings … a flower blooming under water.  A ginger arches above the dancers and stage... the sun going from east

Fully Vaccinated Queens

The US government had recently approved the use of a bee vaccine to combat foulbrood, The Guardian reports. They hail it as 'hope for a   new weapon   against diseases that   routinely ravage colonies   that are relied upon for   food   pollination.'  Alarm bells go out in my mind.  I call out to all beekeepers and lovers of bees - lovers of nature... in the United States to begin with because you're the testing ground and worldwide because it coming to us too ... that's what they'll want.... the pharma industry. Please ... do not let us meddle with the perfection of the bee. How she is created and born, as well as how she dies and the diseases that strike her.  They say a quarter of the hives had foulbrood last year and had to be burnt. That sucks, but you know what, it's also not a big deal. Last I heard, scientists were complaining about 'too many honey bees' and 'they’re not really native to America and are competing with the native and wild poll