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Pack Unpack

Pack, unpack, and pack again "How many times have you done this?" More than I can count on my hands. Through the window, I see a cat. It jumps from Dumpster to Dumpster. It owns nothing; no need for movers or a "For Sale" ad. Its kittens - it carries with its mouth, to where it's safe... And look at the birds; they don't even move their nestlings, Just set them in a makeshift nest, until they can fly... Not I Pack, unpack, and pack again I keep getting better at this, my hands move like a machine, Wrapping breakables in newspapers and embroidered linens. When I unwrap them again, what year will it be? Will the ink have stained the cloth ... will I care? Will I take a moment to read about today? What would have changed? Pack, unpack, and pack again I put things away that I have not used in years Things I never used, thing I forgot I had, Things that are not even mine ... Inherited from my mother or father, From the golden days of the family house, When they e