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Avocados and the Friday Prayer

Farewell and hello Premise: There are many different meanings to words. We can choose which ones to use. Writer's Keys: * = Word meaning and/or my interpretations. A cactus speaks صبره تتكلم Sabrah tatakallam: It's quiet. It's been an early morning. Hardly any traffic; only a march of some kind on the airport road. I wonder what they are marching about? Might it be Ajloun's deforestation? I would like to believe it was. This crime was the last straw for this nature creature. If my government and leadership allow this to happen, then I have lost faith in all of them. Breathe. It's quite today, I can even hear the birds singing. It's Friday. Our Fridays are the Sundays and Saturdays of the other two. For me, Fridays are the Saturdays of Grand and Lakeshore - at least it feels that way today. But here, there is no Farmer's Market, not like the one over there .... No Pretzel Croissants, fine cheeses, and samples of fruit-in season, organic, and local (the m